by beans // kvlt ddy

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aesthetic hounds discovering what it truly means to be yourself in 2015


released June 1, 2015

all beans songs written and performed by benjamin martines
recorded by benjamin martines
special thanks to the 6 as usual

kvlt ddy:
all kvlt ddy songs written and performed by kyle beam
recorded by kyle beam

album art by benjamin martines



all rights reserved


Beans New York

ben martines
searching my brain curves
for pieces of what could be
peace of mind
or what my dog may have
left behind (poop)


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Track Name: beans - pagan techno (intro)
Track Name: beans - jock goth
youre scared of what you want from me
whatever that may be
Track Name: beans - tony hawk: molly dealer
i wish i brought my skateboard to college
so that i could ride around
i wish i brought my skateboard to college
so i could do kickflips after class
& tell professors to eat my asshole out

i would ride my skateboard all day
and i wouldnt give a fuck about my grades
because im rad
dont try and tell me that its a fad
because skating is my life
oh yeah
skateboardings my life

i wish i brought my skateboard to college
so that i could ride around
and i wish that i majored in skateboarding
so that i could pass all my classes
and i wish that i knew
a bunch of cool tricks
so that i could impress
a bunch of cool dicks
and i wish that i could be the best skateboarder alive
and that all the other good skateboarders would die
Track Name: beans - running to heaven in my trure's and its raining (rachael's song)
we've scorched our throats with smoke
and we've coughed up black tar
we tried to run
but we couldn't run far
the vapors
they've changed us
the air is so clean
the future
the future
the future