by Beans

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bump this ep while ur completing ur next slayer task

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released February 11, 2015

everything by ben martines
picture by ben martines
thanks kitty and nasa
shoutout to whuteverbored, Nesting1228 aka GOD o FROST aka Hey Thal Guy aka OF THE FUPA, and every1 just trying to chill



all rights reserved


Beans New York

ben martines
searching my brain curves
for pieces of what could be
peace of mind
or what my dog may have
left behind (poop)


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Track Name: i could only afford four lokos and now my heart is in pieces (six hundred and sixty six billion dollar remix)
the sun seems to come out the worst times
when it gets too bright i have to close my eyes and
keep my head down until it passes

because i dont want to be a hassle i just want to be right
ive heard the things we say behind our backs
and i dont want tonight to be one of those nights
that we remember for all the wrong reasons
i speak in tounge that these walls do and im afraid
that ive heard too much
ive hurt too much

i forget how tired i am at night
as i sink into my chair and stare for hours at the screen
asking why i should care about anything
i dont want to die
but lately staying asleep has been sounding nice
i could hide
i could hide
could i catch a ride
i cant deal with hitting another street sign
i guess its not my week
does it get any better than this
when theres nothing left to do
but make up excuses on why i shouldnt ever
even have to think about you
Track Name: demon slayer
if youre feeling down
close your eyes and rest
and wake up with a glass
of water by your bed
sip for every tear
that falls down to your cheecks
pretend that i am there
to wipe them off your face

do what you must
do what you can
do what you must
use me how you can

when you feel your best
take a picture in your head
frame it on your wall
think of it instead
have a sip of wine
close your eyes and breath
things will turn out fine
i'll promise not to leave